Backyard BBQ School

Are you a barbecue lover, but your skills aren’t quite up to scratch? Do you love to hog roast a pig, but it never takes quite like you hoped?
Well you’ve come to the right place! Backyard BBQ School was created to teach regular folks how to barbecue to the highest standard.

We teach you about the food, the preparation, the equipment, and the cooking. Everything takes place in a relaxed, informal manner, but every aspect is taken very seriously.

If you spend time with us you will raise your BBQ game to a whole new level. Take a look at some of the responses we’ve had.

“Backyard Barbeque School was my equivalent to a full day at the spa for my wife. I learned and laughed but mostly I relaxed. The excellent techniques and information that was shared were only surpassed by wonderful family/friends atmosphere created among his family and people I had just met.”
George Alexis,- Resort & Hospitality Management

“These guys take their barbecue seriously. To them, authentic, traditional American barbecue is a lot more than slinging burgers on a grill; it’s is an art to be practiced with respect and reverence. That approach is evident in the Backyard Barbecue School. If you’re serious about taking your outdoor culinary efforts to a higher level, this is the place to begin! They say the proof is in the pudding. But at the Backyard Barbecue School, the proof is in the pork – slow-cooked, smoky and succulent.”
Rod Clark, Writer/TV Producer

Nice ribs…chicken was best ever…should be competing…great BBQ products and lots of smiles… Family was a great touch.
Eddie James, BBQ Society


Take a look at this hog roast barbecue. Can you imagine doing this yourself and enjoying a pulled pork sandwich at the end?

What’s New

We’ve partnered with Gannon’s to host our next BBQ Stand on the 1st Saturday of every month, starting October 1st. Place your pre-order today, to insure you get some smokey-sweet BBQ. More info to come.

Our next Backyard BBQ Class has not been scheduled yet, but we should have details posted soon.

Take a look at this article before your class. We go into a lot more depth, but this is a nice place to get started.

Quick mention for the hog roast specialists at who are doing great things with their roasts and barbecues. Excellent quality meats too!

We were recently mentioned in a News Press Article about cooking classes in SWFL.

**Please note: The columnist wrote we would be giving a free BBQ meal to anyone who came to our BBQ Stand and recited a quote from the article. This was a misunderstanding. The free meal was for the columnist.

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