Peter S. writes:
"I never lost interest during the class. The BBQ was excellent, and it got even better as leftovers."
Gary G. writes:
"I had a great time at the Backyard BBQ School! Even though I am not a beginner to smoking (I have been doing it for 3 years), I learned a lot of great information that I can use to improve my bbq. I am extremely happy that I attended the class. I recommend anyone that is interested in improving their Q to sign up. You are certain to have a great time with great people!"
Mac writes:
"This course provides the foundation of great BBQ. The 'Mystique' of great BBQ is very basic, and this 'Day at the Park' removes all the mystery and provides the basic 'secret' of great BBQ. Emmett is enthused with sharing this knowledge and scripts his presentation in a basic flow so that the knowledge learned is easily retained. The environment of Lakes Park and the time spent with Emmett and his family made for a 'perfect' day of learning. The end result of the day is of course to eat what we made. And what we made was some of the best BBQ that one could ask for."
Chris B. writes:
Emmett was one of my companies business vendors and we got to talking about BBQ. We both shared an enthusiasm for BBQ. I've always thought of myself as a great BBQ cook, but he really helped me understand the true concept of slow cooking BBQ. He gave me detailed instructions from the charcoal set up, cooking temperature to final preparation. My first "test" was baby back ribs (which I've never successfully made). The end result was a SUCCESS! The ribs came right off the bone and were so tasty & moist. They were great just like he said they'd be. I even won a cook off vs a BBQ restaurant owner in Georgia with Emmett's instruction. Over the past 2 years I've become an even better BBQ grill master than I thought I could be. I was picked by my family to BBQ the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner this past year. It was the best tasting bird we've ever had. Thank you Emmett for your instruction, training, and secrets. I know many people will benefit from your training as I did.